Oct 7, 2022 9:42:43 AM 11 min read

arivis Vision4D 4.0

Powerful Neuron Tracing with State-of-the-art Performance and Flexibility

The previous releases of Vision4D, our powerful solution for advanced visualization and analysis of scientific imaging data, already proved that you do not need to be an expert in bioinformatics to unleash the power of AI for reliable results in less time. With the release of version 4 we take this promise even further: for the first time Vision4D features a module for Automatic Neuron Tracing with two established scientific methods to choose from, giving Neuroscientists faster-than-ever results even with large microscopy imaging data.

The integrated algorithms can save you precious time and effort when visualizing and tracing neuroscience datasets while at the same time ensuring flexibility for a wide range of sample data and imaging modalities. Together with the efficient, easy-to-use semi-automatic trace editing and the new Density measurement analysis, this is the release neuroscientists and cell biologists have been waiting for!

forest-of-neurons-lsm980-arivis-vision4d"Forest of Neurons": Automated 3D neuron tracing of neuronal tissue (mouse brain) with Vision4D 4.0 and ZEISS LSM 980 confocal microscope. Original 3D tissue volume dataset (45GB CZI, confocal fluorescence microscopy, single channel) kindly provided by Dr. Steffen Burgold, ZEISS RMS Customer Center Oberkochen, Germany.  

Top Features of arivis Vision4D 4.0:

Vision4D 4.0 for the first time features an integrated module for Automatic Neuron Tracing (video tutorial). The new module gives you the option to choose between two published state-of-the-art algorithms to facilitate automated analysis of your imaging data with a maximum of compatibility for your specific samples and imaging modalities. No matter if your research centers on confocal or light-sheet microscopy, single neurons or cleared tissue applications, small or large datasets: the new module gives you the flexibility to adapt the automatic analysis for better, faster results that you can trust. We've also included a wide variety of the most relevant trace measurements with convenient export options and an easy-to-use high-performance semi-automatic trace editing tool to correct trace paths for difficult samples. Together with our extensive visualization and media export options that scale from notebook to graphics workstation, Vision4D 4.0 with Automatic Neuron Tracing is now the premiere tool for microscopy research in neuroscience


But of course that's not everything we've updated in the newest release: Vision4D now supports import of Perkin Elmer "Operetta" and "Columbus" datasets for even wider compatibility of different file formats, and we've included new distance statistics options to readily measure multiple cell density features, enabling completely new analytical possibilities for cell biologists working with 3D light and electron microscopy. We've also reworked the Tracking module to enable much faster display of Tracking Features and export of tracks, resulting in substantial speed improvements compared to previous versions.​ And we listened to your feedback and introduced a number of general UX improvements e.g. in object styles and coloring​!

Hela_Cell_Figure6A3D density analysis of a HeLa cell, imaged with ZEISS Crossbeam FIB-SEM technology. The average distance of each nuclear pore object to the nearest eight nuclear pore objects was measured using the new disctance statistics options for density measurement in Vision4D 4.0. The nuclear pore objects were then color-coded according to these distance measurements to give a representation of the density of nuclear pores across the nuclear membrane.

We make sure that with arivis Vision4D you always stay at the forefront of multidimensional image visualization and analysis with the most advanced technologies, workflows and tools. The arivis Scientific Imaging Platform offers a seamless integration with VisionHub for storage and processing of vast amounts of imaging data and VisionVR, the unique virtual reality experience for immersive visualization, analysis, education and collaboration.

arivis Vision4D 4.0 yet again boosts your scientific imaging research: Visualize, process and get your results as efficiently and comfortable as never before! Scroll down to meet ZEISS & arivis at Neuroscience 2022  and get your free trial license today!

Existing V4D users with a "Maintenance Contract" license can directly download and install the latest update ("Help" --> "Check for update").
Please make sure that your workstation is connected to the Internet and your Firewall is not blocking the application. If in doubt please contact your administrator or your arivis Imaging Specialist. Detailed technical release notes can be found in our arivis Knowledge Base here.