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Easily Collaborate and Access AI Image Analysis

ZEISS arivis Cloud is a powerful cloud infrastructure that enables researchers to easily collaborate and access AI image analysis tools without coding. With ZEISS arivis AI as its primary toolkit, ZEISS arivis Cloud (formerly APEER) makes it easy to customize and train your deep learning models for image segmentation. Experience the power of AI.

tick-icon Making Deep Learning accessible

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The power of AI on ZEISS arivis Cloud

Easily train your AI-driven model for image segmentation and analysis using the arivis AI toolkit on ZEISS arivis Cloud. The arivis AI toolkit makes deep learning models accessible to any resercher without the need to code. Image analysis on the cloud allows for maximizing your computation resources while easily sharing results. 

Create a customized application with a few clicks, based on your already trained AI model. Integrate your deep learning model with comprehensive, automated pipelines offered on the ZEISS arivis platform and other ZEISS software solutions.

  • Saves time by reducing manual steps
  • Avoid human errors and human bias
  • Improve throughput
  • Maintain quality and performance
  • No need to code

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  • Train AI models remotely with cloud-based tools.
  • Collaborate and share AI image analysis results effortlessly with team members.
  • Lower expenses by avoiding the need for costly workstations to run analysis driven by deep learning algorithms.

Integrate AI-powered models and automate your image analysis pipelines.

Enhance reliability and reproducibility of image analysis results.

Reduce time spent on manual tasks and mitigate human errors.

ZEISS arivis AI Toolkit



ZEISS arivis AI is the deep learning toolkit for creating custom AI models using your own training images. Its push-button functionality makes it easy for anyone, even beginners, to quickly annotate regions of interest and train models without coding. The trained models can be seamlessly downloaded for use in end-to-end image analysis workflows in ZEN and arivis software solutions. Researchers can collaboratively train custom AI models on ZEISS arivis Cloud, significantly reducing time to reliable results. Empower your R&D with AI image analysis.


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AI Image Analysis for Various Applications

Accelerate your R&D with automated image analysis for various industries such as biotechnology, pharma, life sciences, materials sciences, and beyond. Tailor our preconfigured application solutions to your specific needs by using your own AI-trained models for image segmentation or create your own solutions easily with our user-friendly interface.

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AI image analysis for diverse applications


Data-centric Model Training in 3 Steps

3 simple steps to data-centered deep learning model training


Three Simple Steps to Create a Data-Centric Deep Learning Model

  • Annotate the regions of interest (ROIs) in multi-channel or multidimensional microscopy images. 
  • Train your model for pixel (semantic) or object (instance) segmentation. 
  • Evaluate results directly on the cloud and retrain your model if necessary. 

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