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Hardware and Data-Agnostic Image File Conversion

No matter what instrument you used to create your image, which format or file size: the arivis SIS Converter easily converts your image file to our Scalable Image Storage (SIS) format while retaining all the data for advanced analysis. 

tick-iconSupports file conversion for over 30 formats

tick-iconQue several import and conversion tasks

tick-iconUnattended batch conversion

tick-iconUser-friendly file conversion task management interface

tick-iconNot only microscopy images (e.g., CT, MRI)

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Convert Over 30 Image File Formats

The heart of the arivis Scientific Image Platform; the SIS Converter can queue several import tasks of multiple supported microscopy and other imaging file formats for you. It allows unattended batch conversion of all supported image file formats into the Scalable Image Storage (SIS) format for fast and interactive exploration of your images with ZEISS arivis Pro, arivis Pro VR and arivis Hub.
  • Drag and drop your files into the arivis Importer, and queue import jobs
  • Add files even during the conversion process
  • Run each conversion as a separate process
  • Pause the conversion process and resume it at any time
  • Run SIS Converter independently from your main MS Windows license
  • Convert and saves the finished .sis files to the specified locations

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Supporting image file conversion in multiple formats


Upgrade to Pro

arivis Pro SIS Converter-free vs. enhanced license

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Save one Day!

Upon completion of your experiment, the arivis SIS Converter Pro does all the work for you! Previously, image file conversion could only be manually started after acquisition had finished. With the enhanced license, file conversion can start as soon as the first time point is generated. The result is a ready-to-use .sis file as soon as its acquisition is finished. This means you can start your analysis a day early!

The SIS Converter Pro operates independently from your ZEISS arivis Pro license, enabling standalone automatic file conversion of 2D/3D/4D image data set into the arivis .sis format as fast as you can save your acquired files.

Use the "Watchdog" interface to monitor multiple source data folders at regular or custom-defined intervals, and to create custom rules for automatic conversion without programming knowledge.

Intelligent pattern matching allows for easy setup and handling. Add time points, channels, or planes to form new multidimensional sis.files, or add them to existing sis.files.


  • Unattended automatic image file conversion and import
  • Time point by time point, plane by plane or channel by channel raw file conversion directly into .sis format
  • Automatic addition of newly generated images to existing .sis files
  • Interactive, speedy handling and analysis of large, multidimensional image data
  • Multiple configurable import sources for file conversion
  • Fast, automatic file conversion process parallel to image acquisition shortens time to results

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