arivis Scientific Image Analysis

Applications Overview

Our software ecosystem enables you to automate your image analysis tasks - from routine applications to challenging deep-dive analyses. Learn more about some of our solution examples below. 


Organoid Research

For image analysis to quantify organoid volume and growth or analyze organoids at the cellular level, the ZEISS arivis software ecosystem enables you to automate your analysis pipeline with ease.

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Cell Biology and Cancer Research

For sub-cellular analysis, cell tracking, and high-content screening, the ZEISS arivis software ecosystem is your go-to tool for cell-related image analysis.                                            

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developmental_biology _applications

Developmental Biology Research

The ZEISS arivis software ecosystem helps automate and scale up your image analysis tasks for visualization, segmentation, or dynamic tracking.

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Neuroscience Research

No matter how small the detail, ZEISS arivis software helps you detect, trace, and track the neurons with cutting-edge algorithms and user-friendly tools.

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AI-Based Segmentation of Metallic Inclusions

Materials Science Research

We also help you with your material science challenges.

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