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Our software ecosystem enables you to automate your image analysis tasks - from routine applications to challenging deep-dive analyses. Learn more about some of our solution examples below.


Nuclei and Micronuclei Analysis

Analyze the volume and number of nuclei and micronuclei in whole embryos

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Cell Tracking

Segment and track individual cells based on phase contrast imaging to analyze cell motility

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DNA Foci Assay

Hierarchical parent/child analysis of foci within nuclei  

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High-content Genotoxicity

Quantify the level of DNA damage in DAPI stained cells by measurement of signal intensities of foci in 2 channels                                                                                                                               

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Dendritic Spine Analysis

This analysis involves examining dendritic spines and neuronal projections to understand neural circuits                                                                             

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Phenotypic Screening

Phenotypic characterization of cells based on cell morphology and intensities of multiple fluorescent markers in the nucleus, cytoplasm or membrane

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Organoid Volume Quantification

Analyze the volume of organoids and their lumen to quantify growth and differentiation                                                

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Cell-level Organoid Analysis

Segment single cells within organoids in 3D to quantify cell numbers and marker expression to analyze organoid growth and differentiation

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Nuclei Counting

Based on a fluorescent nuclear marker such as DAPI, this solution counts the number of nuclei         

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Cell Counting

This solution counts the number of cells in phase contrast microscopy images

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Cell Confluency

This solution quantifies the area covered by cells in phase contrast images

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