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Jan 31, 2023 6:53:17 PM 12 min read

arivis VisionVR 4.0

Get a new perspective with VisionVR 4.0

Use your hands to move, rotate, scale and shape your digital image data. An immersive VR experience, to explore your sample like never before.

  • An immersive VR experience - "walk into" your sample
  • Direct and natural interactivity - hands-on & voice control
  • Free of the limitations of a 2D interface

arivis is excited to announce the latest release of its industry-leading Virtual Reality  solution for immersive exploration and productive analysis of microscopy images. VisionVR 4.0 boasts a new voice control feature, improved tracking and proofreading features, and many performance and usability improvements. 

With arivis VisionVR 4.0, you can:
Experience your sample in Virtual Reality
Enjoy an immersive VR experience that enables you to deep dive into your sample and view it from the inside out, to make new discoveries.

Interact directly with your sample
Depth is no longer a guess. You can turn your sample and zoom in and out until you are viewing and marking the exact spot you need.

NEW: Control the VR interface with your voice
Thinking about it? Then say it! With this new feature, you have full control of the VR interaction using your voice.  No more typing, mouse-clicking, or hunting through menus. The new voice-assisted shortcuts make navigational and analytical tasks even more natural and efficient than before.

Track and proofread your sample
It has never been easier to view your sample and changes in it over time or to make corrections to automated tracking of complex datasets with our improved tracking and proofreading features.

Improved: Manual De-Novo Tracking
Tracking growth or movement over time is a challenge. With improved manual tracking features, VisionVR 4.0 is the best environment for manual 4D tracking and image analysis

Making corrections to automated tracking results has never been easier. Check it out

Explore and collaborate when viewing your image data
Immerse yourself with your colleagues in the same virtual environment to dive deeper into your sample data and make your scientific discoveries together. With the VisionVR 4.0 collaboration feature, you explore your research data as a team. You and your colleagues from all over the world can collaborate and explore the intricate details of your microscopy sample together. Interact with your imaging data and discuss your discoveries in real-time, communicating results in full context. Learn more.

Present your results as never seen before - with VR Stories
Enjoy exceptional rendering for your results' presentation. With VR Stories, you become a movie director.
Easily create mind-blowing videos with intuitive movie-making VR tools. Marking critical visual angles is easy with a click of a button and the software will do the rest. Your video will take your audience into an immersive experience: a VR tour of your important data points and results, one after the other. Presenting your work has never been easier. Check it out.

Benefit from extended support of the OpenXRTM standard

 Pico 4 headsets are now also supported via the OpenXRTM runtime, for a perfect immersive VR experience.

*) For a detailed list see our Knowledge Base or contact our specialists below.

OpenXR™ is a trademark owned by The Khronos Group Inc. and is registered as a trademark in China, the European Union, Japan and the United Kingdom.