The arivis AG develops and provides IT solutions focused on the Life Sciences. Our product portfolio ranges from solutions in science, regulatory, production to quality assurance for medical and pharmaceutical products.

arivis is a market leading software company focused on the life sciences industry. With a broad product portfolio, our solutions address industry and academic environments. We offer software solutions as well as services provided by our experienced IT project engineers and experienced subject matter experts.  

Our products are innovative, over the edge and award-winning, based on standard state-of-the art technologies. 

Our solutions enable our industry customers to comply with all the requirements for electronic data processing in GxP regulated sectors and to reduce the cost of day-to-day documentation of GxP processes. Our solutions enable our customers to comply with current regulatory requirements. This includes processes, SOPs, validation and documentation. 

arivis products are used by small and medium sized biotech companies, by the world’s leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies as well as by international renowned research associations, organizations and universities. 

Headquartered in Munich, arivis is an international fast growing company that already generates more than 50% of its revenue in more than 25 countries outside of Germany. Especially in the USA arivis has built up a broad customer base and expects exponential further growth. In the US the company is headquartered in Phoenix (AZ), with a further office near Washington (D.C.).

Clinical Regulatory

The scope of tasks of the "Clinical Regulatory" business unit comprises the recording and administration of requirements during international admission procedures for pharmaceutical products. GxPD and its extensions provides pharmaceutical producers with tools for market-specific product registration and for recording and analyzing real-time information. » more

Quality Management

The "Quality Management" business unit specializes in consulting and systems for electronic data and document management in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical products industry. These solutions allow customers to fulfill all requirements for electronic document management in GxP-regulated areas and to reduce the effort required in the daily documentation of GxP processes. They thus meet all current regulatory requirements (national, EU, FDA, Swissmedic). » more

Raw Data Archiving

The "raw data management" business unit provides solutions for safely managing, locating, reprocessing and archiving raw data. An improvement in 21 CFR Part 11 conformity, which also takes old systems into account. The centralized administration of all raw data files and accompanying reports and evaluations, the audit trail, electronic signature, versioning, electronic archiving and a powerful search function are being constantly further developed. » more

Imaging Science

The "Imaging Science" business unit develops components for the acquisition, handling and analysis of a large variety of high-dimensional image data volumes of almost any size. As the main product line of arivis Vision, arivis Vision4D is used in particular in microscope-based scientific research and in Phase I-III pharmaceutical approval procedures. » more

Our Products

arivis Vision4D

The most advanced 3D/4D imaging software dedicated for working with multi-channel 2D, 3D and 4D images of almost unli... » more

arivis InViewR

The next generation Virtual Reality software for imaging in Life- & Medical Sciences. Since its first display at Neur... » more

arivis WebView - collaboration tool

Web-based server solution for visualizing multi-gigabyte 2D and 3D image data via the Internet. » more

arivis BM-Windream

BM-windream is the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data and document management system for the pharmaceutical industry. It i... » more

arivis BM-Flow

BM-Flow supplements your BM-Windream system with functions for document management (e.g. for SOPs, manufacturing inst... » more

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the first ever cloud-based eDMS system designed for life sciences » more