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For research organizations that leverage imaging science these are exciting times. The benefits of new image-based assays are driving the invention of new instruments that produce amazing 3D content at incredible speeds. As production accelerates, the size and amount of multi-dimensional microscopy data overburden infrastructure and impede image exploration and information flow. Blending isolated computational solutions (commercial and open source) into smooth workflows that can produce valid results requires a full-time and expensive swarm of IT experts. Microscopy datasets are often stored in inconvenient places or in impenetrable silos, which hinders progress and costs unmeasured sums. When data are accessible, leveraging state-of-the-art processing techniques or running computations at scale requires substantial additional considerations in staffing and hardware.

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The arivis Scientific Imaging Platform is a flexible computing universe for multi-modal, multi-dimensional microscopy data that scales, parallelizes, integrates and connects all imaging workflows, sparking organization-wide image data proficiency and efficiency at all levels. The integrated toolsets take care of everything, from the file storage format to user and project-specific computations to standardized reporting. The computational and management hubs that comprise the platform connect your datasets, take care of your central imaging databases and make it easy to apply AI routines such as machine learning or deep learning to your valuable datasets.

  • OPEN: The platform supports a wide variety of vendor-specific file formats as well as open source backends & APIs, making it the most flexible on the market
  • SCALABLE: The platform grows with your needs and adapts to a wide variety of infrastructure, from single lab to core facility, from startup to pharma industry 
  • INTEGRATED: The platform integrates visualization and advanced analysis from imaging workstation to immersive VR environment and distributed cloud computing



Your modular software toolkit for extracting results from scientific images. Adjusts to hardware for maximum power and smooth interactivity on microscopy datasets of virtually unlimited size. Vision4D unites multiple tools for visualization and advanced analysis into one easy-to-learn user environment for highly productive productive workflows. Extend your possibilities directly via Python and connect to a multitude of applications via supported libraries and APIs.

Advanced AI analysis 
Machine Learning & Deep Learning Workflows
Tile Stitching
4D Tracking & Lineage
Data Transformation
Image Preprocessing & Enhancement
Interactive rendering of volumes and time-series
Cinematic high-resolution rendering
Batch application of Analysis Pipelines
Custom Computed Features of Objects
Exploration of Results overlaid on raw data



Display real image data in Virtual Reality by utilizing patent pending direct volume rendering techniques with no need to convert data or make surface models. Directly use your hands to move, rotate, scale, and shape your digital image data. Interactively proofread, edit, track or segment multi-dimensional images from any microscopy technology. Perform productive and collaborative work in a truly immersive environment.


Smooth Rendering and Visualization
Best-in-class hardware support with OpenXR API
Collaboration via different VR Scenarios
Direct Volume Rendering
Productive workflows for faster results

Navigation in immersive Environment

Export Snapshots, Movies and 360°
Seamless Exchange with Desktop Application
Sculpting Tools to Add, Delete and Proof-read
Magic Wand Tools



A nucleus of computational activity and collaboration at scale. VisionHub enables design and execution of large-scale experiments that produce results from images, whether datasets are already stored or are actively being produced. Mass quantities of microscopy data are onboarded and processed by a virtual team of computational workers. Smartly utilize processing cores in servers or workstations with the maximum speeds possible.

Register and browse image and data
Manage access for users and groups
Import and archive datasets into the arivis framework
Create experiments that produce results at scale
Leverage computational resources onsite and offsite
Scalable pricing model to support bursts of throughput
Visualize massive image volumes via remote rendering servers
Implement quality checks for increased efficiency and validity
Smart optimization of parallelization


arivis offers a variety of different services to help our customers with many aspects of the drug development process and document organization.

3D, 4D, 5D Imaging

Full support for building and improving your organization’s imaging competency. We help you improve any part of the process from acquisition to image management.


Process design and improvement for screening that runs with optimal efficiency. We can integrate AI and ML into your arivis imaging science workflows or help you implement them as effective process steps within other imaging infrastructures.

Image Analysis

Extraction of results from images of any kind. We use our years of experience in image computing to help you get the best results as quickly as possible.



For further information please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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