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Maximize Efficiency Over Distances

Imaging data in diagnostics and research is growing at an unprecedented rate, coming from all kinds of sources. Multidimensional confocal, high-resolution microscopy, high-content imaging (HCI), artificial intelligence applications, and any tomography technologies demand distributed access to vast amounts of data.

When researchers start to collaborate over distances with imaging centers, using diagnostic services over internet connections, the bandwidth and computation power easily exceeds the capabilities in remote areas.

The advantages of what we call big image data are both a solution and a problem. It's a solution for areas where organizations did not have access to image data or insight before. But it's a problem for traditional imaging and research centers since storage and processing of big image data is only helpful if you can use and manage it in an efficient, collaborative .

Life science organizations can gain significant value by using big imaging data technology. Adopting processes and solutions that streamline data collection, image management and annotations can help to make a difference.


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Applies to:

  • 3D organotypic culture models
  • Microplates
  • Automation and liquid handling
  • 3D imaging
  • 3D image analysis
  • No matter the image source or format

Industries Served by the arivis Image Analysis Platfrom


3D cell and tissue culture technologies are used more frequently to work with a living organism. 3D cell cultures are replacing the use of expensive animal models. To view and analyse these complex structures arivis developed software tools to help scientists to act faster and get more accurate results.


To discover, develop and produce drugs is a time-critical yet complex process, on which  lies the success of a whole industry sector. arivis image analysis platfrom is helping to shorten the evaluation of a new drug by delivering professional, scalable software to analyse and view complex datasets.


Contract Research Organisations (CRO) provide the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries their outsourced services. CROs often need to collaborate and share data with their industrly partner. arivis helps researchers to enhance efficiencies in thier collaboration and research. 


Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) need professional and scalable imaging analysis to provide results in the quality level required for the pharmaceutical industry today. arivis developed compliant image analysis software tools to fulfil this high demand for industry standards of quality control and assurance.

arivis Pro

Extract results from your scientific images with arivis Pro. Make the most of hardware power adjustments and smooth interactivity on microscopy datasets of virtually unlimited size. The software unites multiple tools for visualization and advanced analysis into one easy-to-learn user environment for high productivity. Extend your possibilities with the Python coding feature and a multitude of supported libraries and APIs.

Advanced AI-driven image analysis
Tile stitching
4D tracking & lineage
Data transformation
Image preprocessing & enhancement
Interactive rendering of volumes and time-series
Cinematic high-resolution rendering
Batch application of analysis pipelines
Custom computed features of objects
Explore results overlaid on raw data

arivis Hub

A nucleus of computational activity and collaboration at scale. arivis Hub enables design and execution of large-scale experiments that produce results from images, whether datasets are already stored or are actively being produced. Mass quantities of microscopy data are onboarded and processed by a virtual team of computational workers. Smartly utilize processing cores in servers or workstations with maximum possible speed.

Register and browse image and data
Manage access for users and groups
Import and archive datasets
Scale your experiments
Leverage computational resources onsite and offsite
Scalable pricing model to support bursts of throughput
Remote rendering servers
Increased QA, efficiency and validity
Smart optimization of parallelization of massive image volumes

arivis Cloud

Train Deep Learning models to automate your image analysis in arivis Cloud (formerly APEER). Whether you use standard pipelines for routine tasks or create your own application, you can power your research with AI with just a few clicks. You can train your own model or alternatively, select a pre-defined pipeline and use a previously trained model on your images. The AI-trained models can be used with other ZEISS software products.


Remote computation resources on the cloud
Easy collaboration and sharing of images and workflows with peers
Deep Learning models are made accessible to everyone
No dependency on an image specialist, intuitive tools for creating your workflows with arivis AI toolkit
No coding required
Improve reproducibility, repeatability and throughput
Reliable results faster
Support from our experts and the image analysis community