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Flexible Seeded Region Growing

  • Use information from different channels for better results
    • The Seeded Region Growing Operation uses two different channels to achieve more precise segmentation results. In a simple two-step approach, you can choose one channel for seeding and another one for growing. You can easily segment whole cell bodies based on positive nuclear staining to easily separate close cells.
  • New Watershed Operation for easy detection of non-roundish cells
    • The Blob Finder has a brother! This Watershed splits objects of any shape.
  • Combine Region Growing with Blob Finder or Watershed & VR
    • Create great results using any segmenter for seeding, using these as a starting point for Region Growing. Also, objects added into the data set via Virtual Reality can be used for Region Growing.
  • Easy splitting within the pipeline
    • Use the new Splitting Operation as a modifier of segmentation objects to automatically split them in a pipeline run.

arivis Vision4D Tutorial: Watershed vs Blob Finder Segmenters


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The arivis Imaging Platform

The arivis Imaging Platform is a flexible computing universe for Imaging Science that scales, parallelizes, integrates and connects all imaging workflows, sparking organization-wide image data proficiency and efficiency at all levels. The integrated toolsets take care of everything from the file storage format to user and project-specific computations to reporting. The computational and management hubs that comprise the platform connect your datasets and take care of your central imaging databases and can expose data assets - including raw data and specified portions of raw data - to Machine Learning and AI routines.


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