Imaging Science
goes Virtual
Editing & Segmentation
in Virtual Reality
Efficient, Accurate, Interactive
Why Virtual Reality?

Our world is 3D and the specimens that we image are 3D. Despite best efforts, 3D images displayed on a flat desktop screen do not completely transport 3D information because of ambiguities in rendering or projection methods. Our approach to visualize volumetric images in virtual reality, with the data surrounding us, simulates a physical presence in the image data, allowing us to observe structures from vantage points otherwise impossible to perceive. This immersive environment triggers both increased depth perception and ability to recognize relational sizes which can be used to take image analysis to the next level.
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Our whole lives we were trained to use our hands or tools in our hands to interact with our environment. With arivis InViewR you can directly use your hands to move, rotate, scale and shape your digital image data. Freed from being tethered to a mouse like on a desktop computer and with depth perception equivalent to the real word, a person’s hands are unencumbered to simply reach into the data to precisely and intuitively mark, measure, classify, edit and segment.
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Visibility, transparency & clipping tools to distinguish segmented & original data

Sculpting tools to add, delete and smooth portions of existing segments

Seamless exchange of image, segments and statistics with desktop application

Picking tools to select,
edit and delete

Magic wand tools to semi-automatically create segments

Fast manual counting and classification of objects in VR space

Combined with the natural movement of a person’s head and body while in VR space and the stereo effect of the headset itself, arivis InViewR’s rendering algorithms are made to deliver the most accurate representation of volumetric images. The user has full control over the image color mapping and transparency and can save and load important viewpoints.
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Volume rendering

Surface rendering


Our software is designed to serve everyone. We support files from any 3D imaging system.
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Courtesy of "Carl Zeiss Microscopy"

Light-Sheet Microscopy

Confocal & 2-Photon Microscopy

Computer Tomography (µCT, MRT)

Electron Microscopy

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