arivis receives seal “Innovative Through Research”

The Stifterverband appreciates arivis’ ongoing investments in Research and Development with its seal “Innovative Through Research”. Since 2014, the association has been awarding companies with a particular involvement in research and development with its "Innovation through Research" seal and illustrates their significance for state and society.
There are 3.5 million companies in Germany, less than one percent perform research – this is an extremely important group and therefore the seal is a significant award. Skill in research and the ability to innovate make companies the drivers of progress, help them overcome challenges, and ensure prosperity.



About the association:
The Stifterverband is one of the largest private promoter of science in Germany. In addition to its involvement with young academics, excellent secondary education, and best-in-class research, it is also tasked with examining and assessing the German research and innovation system. How much does business in Germany invest in research and development? What impact does this have on the country's future? These questions are at the center of the R&D survey, performed annually by the scientific statistics group of the association, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research.