Training Management


Which users have been trained on using an SOP and when? Have we really thought about providing training on this version? The training module of BM-Flow supports you in keeping abreast of these issues. You can plan face-to-face and self training, then document both training types and the success of the training electronically.

BM-Flow 3.5!

In BM-Flow 3.3 the Training module has been considerably expanded. In addition to simple training documentation, it now provides a range of additional functions for training planning.

Overview of key functions:

  • Every managed document can be subject to training. It is also possible to manage training without reference to a specific document.
  • Training groups and training manager candidates can be assigned to the document.
  • Training groups define a group of users to be trained and training managers.
  • When particular events occur, e.g. approval of a document subject to training or a repetition interval being reached, a training requirement is generated for all people in the training groups assigned to the document.
  • Document owners and training managers can cover the training requirements by planning training. Self-training and face-to-face training are possible.
  • Participation in training can be confirmed by an electronic or handwritten signature.
  • Sophisticated reporting functions are available.

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Training Management

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