Release BM-Flow 3.9

BM-Flow 3.9 is released – with many improvements and bug fixes.

BM-Flow 3.9 features many improvements and bug fixes, most notably:


  • Modernized graphical user interface
  • New features in the training module:
    • Any file in windream drive can be used as training content (no longer only Managed Documents).
    • Accompanying documents for training contents
    • Extended status information about training status, e.g. with training packages and traffic light view
    • Better training status overview for every user
  • Improved performance:
    • Information on documents and processes is now displayed faster
    • Processes are created faster
    • Search for training courses is faster
  • Reactivation of user tasks for Managed Documents
  • Improved search functions:
    • Search for documents with electronic test
    • Duplicate saved searches/reports
    • Display saved searches with reports
    • Find documents by training groups
  • Copy attribute-text to clipboard


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