Raw Data Management

Raw Data Archiving

Lots of analytical equipment generates raw data, which is in a complex context: files with measured data, many of which have paths linking to the associated methods and sequences. Data already archived can often only be reprocessed after laborious recreation procedures.


The first Windows® integrated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data management system with Acess control, Audit trails, File versions, Electronic Signature, Lifecycle, Automated indexing of all data, Integrated electronic long term archive


The first 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data and document management system for the pharmaceutical industry » more


Enables you to monitor the file storage of a laboratory device » more


Archiving raw data using BM-Watcher and BM-windream has a range of advantages:

  • BM-windream acts as a drive for the measuring equipment, enabling almost all measuring equipment to use the system directly.
  • When archiving raw data, the path information remains intact, meaning that the data can be directly reprocessed without any laborious recreation procedures.
  • Special modules enable BM-windream to extract meta information from the manufacturer-specific files and provide it for searching purposes in the archive. For example, this allows you to record meta information (project, sample etc.) in the sequence file for an HPLC system, which you can use later to search in the archive.
  • Raw data and reports are available in a shared system. Administration costs, training costs and licence costs are significantly reduced compared to a solution based on a series of specialist applications.
  • All files are assigned an audit trail as soon as they are created and, if required, are automatically versioned when a change is made.
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