Commercial Advantages

  • Low total cost of ownership thanks to seamless integration into existing hardware and software infrastructure
  • Reduction in data and document management costs by cutting search times, copying requirements and archiving costs
  • Low employee training costs through use of the familiar Windows interface
  • BM-windream covers a huge range of requirements, which means that you can cut your IT costs by reducing the number of different systems.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

  • Compliance can quickly be achieved by utilising BioMedion's huge experience in project planning and IT validation
  • Compliance with FDA (21 CFR Part 11) and EU GMP guidelines Appendix 11
  • Integration of key requirements: audit trail, version management, archiving

Clear Project Planning

  • BM-Windream can be gradually expanded from a simple file archive to a complex, workflow-based system (see BM-Flow).
  • BIOMEDION provides advice on commercial, regulatory, organisational and IT issues
  • Support before, during and after the project

Easy Operation

  • Windows login is used for windream login (single sign-on)
  • Operation in familiar Windows environment, no need to learn a new application
  • Automatic launch of the program in which a document was created
  • Save any files using the "Save" command from the menu in all Windows programs
  • Standardised operation from all applications
  • Import files using copy & paste or drag & drop in Windows Explorer
  • Provision of functions using the pop-up menu (Check out / Check in, version management, meta data export)

Integrated Flexible Archive Function

  • Life cycle management with definition of processing and archiving periods
  • Direct access to archived documents without changing application
  • Supports standard storage systems

Comprehensive Search Function

  • Full text search for almost 400 document formats
  • Quick and easy search for meta information, document types or full texts
  • Save search profiles
  • Export search results

Easy User And Rights Management

  • Comprehensive administration functions in a Windows console (MMC)
  • User and group management
  • Rights management for folders and files
  • Creation of document types
  • Life cycle management for document types
  • Creation and design of screens for entering meta data for each document type
  • Expansion functions available by linking scripts and interfaces (e.g. ActiveX controls, COM/DCOM, OLE-DB/ADO, XML, HTML)

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