Document Management

BM-Windream is extremely easy to use.

Simply select the "Save As" function in any Windows application, save the relevant file to the BM-Windream drive and the file is stored in your document management system. You have the option of assigning attributes to files, managing various versions of a file and searching in the full text or using file attributes.

Because BM-Windream can be used directly with any Windows application, you can perform a wide range of document management tasks without adapting the software. Many research and development, general administration and management tasks can therefore be performed in the same way as in the usual Windows environment - the only difference being that the created documents can be found more quickly thanks to the assignment of attributes and integrated full text search, and can be archived and protected against unintentional deletion as required.

The BM-Flow module is available for GxP compliant document management, while for raw data archiving you can use the BM-Watcher module!

arivis BM-Windream

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arivis BM-Flow

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