Raw data archiving made easy with BM-Watcher

BioMedion has completed the development of a new version of the BM-Watcher. BM-Watcher is an agent that is able to monitor the file storage of a laboratory device. New or modified files can be transferred to BM-windream (our Enterprise Content Management System). When changes are made, new versions of the file are automatically created. BM-Watcher is also capable of automatically retrieving metadata, e.g. from file paths, text files or files in proprietary formats and databases. Reasons for changes can also be requested from the user. In BM-windream all files are provided with an audit trail, changes can be traced via the versioning.

The monitoring strategy of the BM-Watcher can be configured in different ways. One possibility is the immediate transfer of the data to the archive, but alternatively the transfer can also take place after a certain time or after the creation of a certain file.

In the latest version, the BM-Watcher can now also be configured and monitored via a central server. The configuration is done with the help of modules that provide functionality such as the determination of metadata. These modules are configured using XML files. All configuration changes are traceable in a system audit trail.

The configuration server supports device monitoring via a status page. The current status is visible at a glance; systems in error state are distinguished from correctly closed systems.


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