UMB Current EM Techniques Workshop-Image Analysis

Date: 24-25 May, 2018

Venue: University of Maryland, Baltimore, 621 West Lombard Street, Baltimore, Second Floor, Elm Room A+B

The UMB Current EM Techniques Workshop – Image Analysis is a two-day workshop focused on introducing new electron microscopy techniques and instrumentation via live demonstration and open discussion.

arivis offers a range of complementary imaging software solutions for visualization and analysis of large image datasets. Molly McQuilken will show EM Image analysis techniques using both arivis Vision4D and InViewR on 25 May 3:00PM-4:30PM. Both days provide the opportunity for hands-on experiences with arivis software.

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arivis Vision4D

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arivis InViewR

The next generation Virtual Reality software for imaging in Life- & Medical Sciences. Since its first display at Neur... » more

arivis WebView

Web-based server solution for visualizing multi-gigabyte 2D and 3D image data via the Internet. » more


Thursday, 2018, May 24 to Friday, 2018, May 25