Tracking & Track Editor

Segment Tracker

Available as an option in the Analysis Pipeline, the Segment Tracker operator allows the tracking of segmented objects throughout image series.
Once objects have been segmented and filtered the Segment Tracker can use Brownian motion or linear regression algorithms to identify object movements from frame to frame and group these objects into tracks. Identified tracks can be characterized to reveal duration, movement type, speed, and these measurements can be used to further refine results using filters to only include tracks within certain ranges of measurement values.

When combined with other object operations such as segment colocalization and filtering this tools provides powerful insights in an easy to use package. Powerful track editing tools give you the ability to refine your results for more confidence in your results.

Flexible automatic and manual grouping along with Timeline plots in the Object window give you more information about the objects and track based on any measurable feature of objects within a track.

arivis Vision4D: Analysis Pipeline Segmentation and Tracking result visualized as a 4D Split View
In addition you can visualize tracked segments in conjunction with the Chart and display e.g. intensity or volume changes over time.

Track Features

Tracking enables the collection of insightful measurements relative specifically to tracks including:

  • Displacement of the objects from start to finish
  • Duration of individual tracks through time
  • Length of tracks in space
  • Velocity statistics
  • Segment specific information including segment count and the ID of all included segments
  • Straightness of movement for the complete tracks

Track Editor

When refinement of tracking results is require the Track Editor provides a range of options to get the best results.

  • Merge or split tracks for combining or dividing objects
  • Manually assign objects to a track or remove objects that have been included in by accident

The Track Editor makes it easier to do this through a simple visual user interface and a simple process of click, drag and drop. The split view makes this easy even when dealing with large number of tracks.

arivis Vision4D: Analysis Pipeline_join Tracks


  • Robust tracking algorithms with user defined parameters for flexibility and confidence
  • Combine with manual and semi-automatic object detection tools for complete trck identification
  • Tracking independent of number of time points so you can track even through huge datasets
  • Graphical Track Editor for easy splitting, merging of tracks and manual object Split View option to split the track editor into two parts to easily scroll both tracks into view and drag a connection from one editor part to the other

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