Analysis Pipeline -Tracking & Track Editor

Segment Tracker

arivis Vision4D: Analysis Pipeline Segmentation and Tracking result visualized as a 4D Split View
A special Segment Tracker operator allows to track segmented objects at different timepoints within your image series using the Analysis Pipeline
After the process of detecting, filtering and generating segments by Segment operators, the Segment Tracker operator (Brownian Motion or Linear Regression) will try to find the same object across multiple frames and connect segments representing that object to a track. To exclude falsely detected tracks, you can use a Track Filter on the track duration or the track length parameters afterwards.

Track Features

  • Displacement: Measures difference from start to end point of a track, respects pixel size
  • Duration: The time length of the track, respects frame time
  • Length: Measures the length of the track by adding the length of each segment, respects pixel size
  • Segment Count: The number of segments of the track
  • Segment Ids: The Ids of the segments of the track
  • Speed: Using track duration and track length, respects pixel size and frame time
  • Straightness: Value that reflects the straightness of the track (perfect straight is 1)

Track Editor

arivis Vision4D: Analysis Pipeline_join Tracks
In some cases the automatic tracking may not connect segments or will falsely connect segments. In these cases you want to manually add segments to an existing track, remove segments from a track, join two existing tracks, or split an existing track.
You can do all these modifications visually using the Track Editor.​ The interactive Track Editor allows you to correct or edits segments and cell tracks semi-automatically and visualizes segments tracked over multiple time points so you can edit, split and merge existing tracks. 


  • Graphical Track Editor which allows a semi-automatic segmentation and allocation of free segments and tracks
  • Allows for the uniquely interactive access to all segments and tracks
  • Enables to split, merge and edit tracks highly-performant and robustly
  • Supports ease-of-use in analysis of long-term time lapse data sets
  • Split View option to split the track editor into two parts to easily scroll both tracks into view and drag a connection from one editor part to the other

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