Tissue Clearing and 3D Imaging Workshop, Munich

Munich, Germany

The LMU Munich is offering workshops on tissue clearing and light-sheet microscopy imaging, which will take place at the Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research (ISD) in Munich from July, 18-22.
The workshop is organized by Ertürk Lab to demonstrate advances in tissue clearing techniques and 3D imaging.

arivis colleagues will be present on selected days to highlight arivis strategies for visualization and exploration of images derived from cleared-tissue samples. In practical workshops, arivis will furthermore demo image analysis applications in selected fields of interest.

The workshop demonstrates:

  • Clearing of entire rodant organs and large human tissues
  • Imaging of cleared tissues with light-sheet microscope
  • Various advantages of DISCO clearing compared to others
  • How to optimize particular tissue of interest and application
  • iDISCO antibody labeling of unsectioned organs for 3D imaging
  • 3D analysis of data
  • Demo: light-sheet microscopy by LaVsion Biotec and ZEISS
  • Demo: 3D software by arivis and others

For more information: Tissue clearing workshop

Monday, 2016, July 18 to Friday, 2016, July 22