Tissue Clearing and 3D imaging Workshop 2018


Image Courtesy: Ali Ertük, Institute of Stroke and Dementia, Mouse's body mad entirely transparent to reveal nervous system

Date 16-19 July, 2018

Venue: Institute of Stroke and Dementia (ISD, Munich,Germany)

Proudly and for the third time in a row, arivis AG is sponsoring this year`s “Tissue Clearing and 3D Imaging Workshop” at the Ertürk lab.

This is a great opportunity for all to participate in an event which will provide hands-on experience and application of various DISCO clearing techniques. Participants will use state-of-the-art light sheet microscopy for imaging of the cleared tissue samples and throughout the entire workshop, arivis personnel will be present to allow completing the workflow in exploring the rendered images and documenting the results for later discussions by export of high-resolution screenshots and animated movies. The arivis application may by choice (and sample) include transformation of the image data (stitch, fuse, resample, correct) or the automated quantification of structures and regions of interest using the arivis Vision4D Image Analysis and Tracking options.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Munich!

The workshop demonstrates:

  • DISCO clearing of organs, rodents and large human tissues
  • lmaging of entire organs and rodents with light-sheet microscope
  • Advantages of DISCO clearing in your research
  • iDISCO antibody labeling of organs for 3D imaging
  • How to optimize your particular tissue of interest and application
  • 3D analysis of the data
  • Demo: Light-sheet microscopy by LaVision BioTec and Zeiss
  • Demo: 3D image analysis software by arivis (immersive view with 3D glasses and arivis InviewR)

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Monday, 2018, July 16 to Thursday, 2018, July 19