SSOM 3D EM Symposium - Interdisciplinary Symposium on 3D Microscopy 2016

Les Diablerets, Switzerland

SSOM 3D EM Symposium

Large Image Data : Fast to Find, Quick to View

Within the last years new technologies in microscopy have evolved very fast and produce a vast amount of image data from various data formats, which have to be stored, managed and documented. Especially increased image resolution, automated acquisition tools stretch the existing storage and administration capacities to a limit.
Imagic and arivis present an Image Management Solution including a Large Data Viewer, a special version of arivis WebView, a robust and highly-performant web-based solution for a broad variety of imaging tasks on large 2D, 3D or 4D image data.

The Large Data Viewer is the tool of choice for research and development in industry to enable fast and shared access to common data sets and their attached information. Visualization of multi-dimensional image data from various microscopic techniques, including Electron Microscopy, 2D histopathology screening and 3D or 4D data sets is easy and fast, also in the terabyte range. It enables real-time collaboration to work on the same data sets, even if users are distributed along buildings, institutes, cities, nations or continents.
Image processing functions include ease-of-use annotation tools to create and edit annotations, to measure and categorize structures. The IMS database keeps all relevant metadata and further information available at any time and allows to include all information immediately in e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. With a single click the exact original position of any image can be found back in the Large Data Viewer to verify the location in the context of the sample.

We are ready for the big image data challenge and look forward to support you!

Tuesday, 2016, October 18 to Friday, 2016, October 21