Report from Neuroscience 2016, San Diego

New version of arivis InViewR presented at Neuroscience 2016 for immersive interaction with 3D & 4D microscopy image data 

This year over 30.000 people attended the 46th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) at the San Diego Convention Center.

From November 12-16, arivis joined this premier venue for neuroscientists in cooperation with Carl Zeiss to present our newest technologies in 3D visualization of real microscopy data with Oculus Rift virtual reality technology and Leap Motion gesture controls.

More than 300 visitors took the chance to dive deep into real 3D microscopy data, interact with the 3D datasets by using their own hands, and experience immersive microscopy first-hand. The Direct Volume Rendering technique allocates every single data point of the original 3D images to a voxel within the rendered object, enabling the user to move freely and inspect the target areas of their specimen from any angle and position without limitations. 

First introduced at the Society for Neuroscience in 2015, this next generation version of arivis InViewR software shows major improvements suggested by the enthusiastic scientific community, including exploration of 3D and 4D time lapse movies from image series, higher frame rates, low latency for smooth viewing, interactive gesture control and 3D measurements while moving within 3D space.
arivis InViewR: Measurements with Leap Motion gesture control

Researchers argue that surface rendering alone is insufficient for revealing inner structures and intensity changes inside cells and along a timeline. arivis InViewR is enabling scientists to take image data collected from their own microscopes and view this data as 3D and 4D interactive renderings, allowing researchers to visualize tissues and interconnected structures in context for a deeper understanding of cellular processes. arivis InViewR software is the first and only solution to explore microscopy data in 3D and 4D using true direct volumetric rendering using virtual reality headsets. 

Impressions from Neuroscience 2016

Report from Neuroscience 2016
We would like to thank all Neuroscience 2016 attendants for visiting our booth.
We enjoyed the great discussions with you and hope you also had a good time diving in microscopy data. A big thank you also to our colleagues at ZEISS for hosting us and congratulations to the third consecutive #MyNeuroVote people’s choice award for ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan!
Next stop for our team and arivis InViewR is the ZEISS booth#409 at the ASCB - Annual Meeting 2016 in San Francisco from December 3-7. Meet us there!

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