New Release: arivis Vision4D 2.12

We are pleased to announce that a significantly improved version of arivis Vision4D is now available.
This release provides major improvements and enhancements in Visualization, Rendering Performance, and Quality of the 4D Viewer spanning all image resolutions.

arivis Vision4D: 3D recording of a thymus by Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1

The top new features are:

  • New volume renderer with higher resolution and better controls for exploration of 3D/4D data
  • Interactive “Fly through” mode that enables you to visualize volumes from the inside
  • Creation, visualization, import, and export of 4D Iso-surfaces
  • Multiple Clipping Planes with sliders for precise and easy manipulation
  • Ability to analyze relationships between segmented object groups
  • Visualization bookmarks to save views and visualization settings
  • Expanded creative possibilities for making movies, saving and importing storyboards