NEUBIAS 2020, Lisbon

NEUBIAS 2020 Poster
NEUBIAS 2020, February 12 -17, 2017 Lisbon, Portugal

arivis is sponsoring the annual meeting of the BioImage Analysis community NEUBIAS. The conference will take place from 12-17th of February 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Meet us there and join our workshop:

arivis workshop

"Fast and interactive handling of large image data via desktop, web and immersive VR"


Group 1: February, 15th / 17:45-18:30
Group 2: February, 15th / 18:30-19:15


Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon
NEUBIAS2020 meeting will take place in FCG's Auditorium2 + rooms 1,2 and 4

arivis products

At this event, we will present strategies to visualize and analyze large multichannel 3D images with arivis Vision4D. We will show how to handle even TB-sized data sets with full interactivity at any step of image processing with tools for data pre-processing, visualization, and analysis. The arivis Analysis Pipeline approach enables the novice user to quickly run a pre-existing or newly built analysis application, while the image analysis expert is still empowered if desired to create even complex analysis routines. Users can freely combine different operators for filtering, segmentation and other analysis tasks in a simple and clear analysis pipeline. Self-defined analysis pipeline is interactively calculated and results are visualized instantaneous.

In addition, we will present the use of virtual reality to investigate 3D and 4D microscopy data sets.
arivis InViewR: this unique approach from arivis enables you to travel through your images and interact with them more naturally. You can look in all directions, behind or along structures, position yourself anywhere within your specimen and perform 3D measurements much more intuitively than ever before. For the first time, we combine virtual reality hardware with volumetric rendering approaches to immerse you in your 3D microscopy data. A high-end consumer graphics card and an Oculus Rift headset comprise the major hardware needed. Your original image data is rendered, so the real pixel intensities are ready for you to examine, change thresholds, opacity, etc. Because you’re in the actual data, not a surface model, you can more easily develop creative analysis strategies and interactively implement them with our powerful arivis Vision4D analysis tools.


NEUBIAS 2020 is a new series of annual international Conference centered on Bioimage Analysis, which includes 3 parallel events and a common Symposium/Showcase. It brings together Life-Scientists, Bioimage Analysts, Image Analysis- and Software- developers and other Core Facilities Specialists (e.g. Microscopists) to bridge the gap between Bioimage Analysis developments and know-how, and their use in Life Science. It aims to be a forum to exchange the newest findings, applications and cutting-edge developments in Bioimage Analysis, machine learning, data mining and storage.
NEUBIAS 2020 is the major annual gathering of NEUBIAS, a COST Action gathering 34 European countries and International Partner Countries, and aims to bring together ~250 scientists from the BioImage Analysis Community.

Sunday, 2017, February 12 to Friday, 2017, February 17