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Seignosse, France

MiFoBio 2016- the school of Functional Microscopy in Biology

The MiFoBio school’s 2016 session will be held from 30 September to 7 October 2016 at Club Belambra Seignosse, France.

arivis will be participating at the MiFoBio in Seignosse, France, and will be available on October 4th to 5th  for a presentation of arivis Vision4D for fast and interactive visualization & analysis of large image data and for a discussion of your specific workflow.

The MiFoBio is an interdisciplinary school aiming to provide a common background of knowledge and know-how, in order to develop novel modalities to observe and understand biological processes. The heart of the school revolves around microscopy and in-vivo photo-manipulation (e.g. optogenetics). However, developing and applying these techniques to the understanding of dynamic processes requires a much wider portfolio or expertise: chemistry to synthesise novel molecular probes, optics and physics for the development of instruments and light sources, computer science for the acquisition, analysis and storage of imaging data, and modelling to interpret the extracted data.

The programm of MiFoBio 2016 is available here: Programm

Please contact salesatarivis.com if you would like to arrange a slot beforehand.

Friday, 2016, September 30 to Friday, 2016, October 7