Meet arivis at ASCB - Annual Meeting 2017

American Society for Cell Biology, December 02-06 2017, Philadelphia, USA, ZEISS booth

Welcome at American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) 2017

arivis AG will introduce its latest version of arivis InViewR software at the 2017 ASCB.

Researchers from cell & molecular biology, image analysis, cancer research, big data science, developmental biology, translational research will meet and exchange their knowledge with experts, peers and explore new tools and technologies.
Visit us at ZEISS booth and explore how arivis InViewR displays real image data in VR by utilizing patent pending direct volume rendering techniques with no need to convert data or make surface models. The latest arivis InViewR sets new standards for analyzing life science research images by enabling efficient, accurate, and interactive proofreading, proof-editing, and de-novo segmentation of multi-dimensional images from virtually any source instrument.

arivis InViewR is the next generation Virtual Reality software for imaging in Life-& Medical Sciences.
Our software allows scientists to experience their data in true Virtual Reality. Explore and interact with 3D or 4D datasets by natural movements of the head and body. For the first time, Direct Volume Rendering in combination with Virtual Reality technology allow an immersive interaction with 3D images. Freed from being tethered to a mouse like on a desktop computer and with depth perception equivalent to the real word, a person’s hands are unencumbered to simply reach into the data to precisely and intuitively mark, measure, classify, edit, and segment. Our Direct Volume Rendering technique, in combination with Virtual Reality, provides a true immersive interaction of scientists with their data.

Our versatile Image vizualisation and analysis solutions help scientists to analyze and explore very large multi-dimensional image datasets up to several Terabyte.
Learn how arivis Vision4D provides smart handling and pre-processing of datasets of almost any size together with fast and interactive 3D/4D rendering, vizualisation and analysis even on standard desktops. arivis WebView enable new ways to share information and distribute analyses via the web.


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Saturday, 2017, December 2 to Wednesday, 2017, December 6