Great success for the leaders in Virtual Reality for Image Processing at the Neuroscience 2017

Attracting a large number of enthusiastic scientists from various countries, arivis showcased a completely new way to perform image analysis in microscopy using virtual reality in a much more efficient and interactive way. This approach sets new standards and allows groundbreaking insights into complex processes in cell biology and neuroscience, which are difficult to see on a pure 2D desktop representation  of the rendering.
The digital transformation in relation to virtual reality is one of the most fascinating changes the world is experiencing from now on.
We have opened the door for virtual reality, a comprehensive form of digital transformation.
The SfN meeting 2017 was a great opportunity for arivis to show the benefits and potential of arivis virtual reality software arivis InViewR in image analysis, proof reading and segmentation of various image types, ranging from confocal 4D images to electron microscopy.


The positive response of over 300 fascinated visitors proved the necessity of new tools driven by Virtual Reality.
All three arivis InViewR demo systems were always busy. Two have been in use at the ZEISS partner booth. A comprehensive imaging workflow has been presented, while the final work step has been performed through visualization in Virtual Reality, based on Oculus Rift. A third unit was been showcased at the arivis booth. The presented image analysis workflow included arivis Vision4D software for fast visualization and analysis of large and multi-dimensional microscopy image data.
arivis, the market leading software provider in the field of virtual reality impressed with outstanding functions for interactive counting, measuring as well as editing and proof reading segmentation results in real microscopy data using Virtual Reality.


Thereby arivis sets new standards to the market in image visualization and analysis with a seamless integration of its modular software product portfolio using all modes of image handling: arivis Vision4D, arivis InViewR and arivis WebView.

Thank you!

We would like to thank our long-standing partner ZEISS for a great time and a lot of positive feedback from customers and staff about the possibility to complete the imaging workflows in microscopy in a very efficient and interactive way.
Also we would like to thank our visitors and customers who have always played an important role in the further development of our products and helped us to keep their requirements in our focus now and in the future.


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