BrainMIC Course

4D Advanced Microscopy of Brain Circuits

Date: May 24-27, 2017

Location: Zeiss Berkeley Brain Microscopy Innovation Center,  University of California, Berkeley

We are happy to announce our participation at the 4D Advanced Microscopy of Brain Circuits Course at the ZEISS Berkeley Brain Microscopy Innovation Center at the University of California in Berkeley. arivis will showcase arivis Vision4D, our modular software for fast visualization of large, multi-channel 3D images. Our colleagues are looking forward to demonstrate advanced image analysis techniques for neuroscientists.

Explore as well arivis InViewR - the next generation Virtual Reality software to visualize your data in VR.
Our software has been under rapid development and offers an improved navigation concept and the possibility to adjust image color representations in virtual space. New measurement capabilities offer a powerful tool to extract meaningful data from your images and gain new insights. Visit our team and experience true virtual reality microscopy yourself.

rainMIC Course: 4D Advanced Microscopy of Brain Circuits University of California Berkeley Neuroscience

Course Description

The Zeiss Berkeley Brain Microscopy Innovation Center at the University of California, Berkeley offers an annual course on state-of-the-art optical tools, imaging systems, and analysis methods that are being developed for the study of neuronal circuits. Our intensive week-long course includes training in the theory and practice of emerging BRAIN Initiative neurotechnologies. Up to 16 students will work side by side with Berkeley Neuroscience faculty as they rotate through microscope demos and then choose a microscope station for a project.

Lecture Topics

Lectures will cover the theory and research methodology underlying the development and use of  imaging technologies for the study of neural circuits. Lectures will include the below, with more to come.

  • Neural Circuits
  • The Optical Revolution and Neurophysiology
  • Microscopy Methods for Neurophysiology
  • Clearing Agents and Techniques
  • Photochemical and optogenetic tools for measuring and manipulating neural activity
  • Fluorophore and BioSensor Design
  • Imaging Processing and Quantification
  • Imaging Sensory Maps
  • Automated Image Analysis
  • Super Resolution

Microscope stations

The course will include rotations and short research projects with your choice of over a dozen different microscope stations, as well as several offline analysis stations. Students are welcome to bring their own specimens and data to work on. Stations will include the below, with more to come.

  • Lightsheet for cleared samples
  • 2-photon in vivo imaging with 2-photon optogenetic stimulation
  • Zeiss LSM 880 NLO with FAST Airyscan
  • Spinning disk confocal with optogenetic stimulation
  • Zeiss LSM 880 NLO with NIR excitation
  • Fluorescence dissecting scope for real-time in vivo interrogation of whole embryos
  • Lightsheet for live water-based samples


Join us at BrainMIC Course

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Monday, 2017, May 22 to Saturday, 2017, May 27