arivis Vision4D

Male meiosis I and II in C. elegans male,  Spindle poles and chromosomes are tracked over time. Beta-tubulin is labeled with GFP and Histone-2B is labeled with mCherry. Image courtesy of Gunar Fabig, TU Dresden, Müller-Reichert lab
arivis Vision4D is a modular software for working with multi-channel 2D, 3D and 4D images of almost unlimited size independent of available RAM.
Many imaging systems, such as high speed confocal, Light Sheet/ SPIM and 2 Photon systems, can produce a huge amount of multi-channel data, which arivis Vision4D handles without constraints.

arivis Vision4D main functionality:

  • Easy import of most image formats from microsopes as well as biological formats
  • High performance interactive 3D / 4D rendering on standard PCs and laptops with 3D Graphics Support
  • Intuitive tools for stitching and alignment to create large multi-dimensional image stacks
  • Immediate 2D, 3D and 4D visualization, annotation and analysis regardless of image size
  • Data preprocessing with the integrated arivis Data Transformation Gallery
  • Intelligent Object Drawing Tools allowing to paint and erase segments with automatic interpolation between planes
  • Magic Wand for easy semi-automatic creation of objects  in 2D and 3D mode
  • Powerful Analysis Pipeline for 3D /4D image analysis (cell segmentation, tracking, annotation, quantitative measurement and statistics, etc)
  • Semi-automatic/manual segmentation and tracking with interactive Track Editor
  • Easy design and export of 3D / 4D High Resolution Movies
  • Seamless integration of custom workflows via Matlab API and Python scripting
  • Data sharing for collaboration
  • A user friendly software, easy to learn and use for any life scientist


Image Courtesy: Chris Zugates’ interdisciplinary project team (Fly Light) at Janelia Research Campus


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