arivis joining MiFoBio 2018

Date: 5-12 October 2018

Venue: France

MiFoBio is a multidisciplinary school focusing on biological and technological advances in life imaging. It brings together a large community of biologists, physicists, instrumentalists, chemists and mathematicians. Microscopy and in-vivo photomanipulation techniques are at the heart of the school's activity.

Find arivis at the Image Bar!

Our new version of the desktop software Vision4D for Analysis of Microscope 3D and 4D Image Data will be shown at the Image Bar. Get yourself be convinced by arivis Vision4D, the leading product of the arivis Platform. New features make image analysis fit the experimental task. Supplemented by the Virtual Reality Software arivis InViewR and the Collaboration tool arivis WebView arivis is ready for the future and make your image analysis fits your data!

Immerse yourself into the world of Virtual Reality with arivis InViewR displays real image data in VR by utilizing patent pending direct volume rendering techniques with no need to convert data or make surface models. The latest InViewR sets new standards for analyzing life science research images by enabling efficient, accurate, and interactive proofreading, proof-editing, and de-novo segmentation of multi-dimensional images from virtually any source instrument.
Freed from being tied to a mouse like on a desktop computer and with depth perception equivalent to the real word, a person’s hands are unencumbered to simply reach into the data to precisely and intuitively mark, measure, classify, edit, and segment.  
A cumbersome and frustrating process that on a desktop involves, multiple turns of the dataset, changing tools multiple times, guessing at which object is being selected, and iteratively positioning from different angles is reduced to simply reaching out and pulling a trigger or pushing a button.

If you would like to speak to us in advance please feel free to contact us:

Office Germany
Headquarters Imaging

Office USA
Dependence North America



Friday, 2018, October 5 to Friday, 2018, October 12