Product Packages

arivis Vision4D provides smart handling of multi-dimensional data sets of almost any size together with fast and interactive 3D/4D rendering and visualization even on standard desktops and laptops with 3D graphics support. Tools for image import and handling, fast 2D/3D and 4D visualization, measurement, annotation and presentation are in the 4D Base Package and effective on images up to several TB.

arivis Vision4D: Tracking of segmented spindle poles with Analysis Pipeline

A strength of arivis Vision4D is its capability to segment and track cells (ROI) in data sets composed of even hundreds of time frames. Therefore arivis Vision4D provides a robust and fast tool for processing of image data gained from long-term time lapse experiments.


arivis Vision4D: Colocaliaztion

arivis Vision4D Dynamics

The Colocalization Palette in arivis Vision4D enables you to analyze the colocalization of voxel intensities in different channels of your image data and provides interactive visualization in the 2D Viewer. It calculates statistical data and correlation coefficients and allows exporting the calculated data to Excel/CSV. You can also export the colocalized intensity values as a new image for further analysis (e. g. Dynamics).