Announcement of arivis Vision4D Release 3.0

With the biggest Release of arivis Vision4D so far, we bring several new tools enabling users to perform image analysis more efficiently. We have been listening closely to our customer, and we have implemented their specific requirements in several new features to equip Vision4D with even more powerful tools for your work.
A clean and state-of-the-art user interface shines with straightforward user guidance and make work simple and fast. Based on the arivis ImageCore Technology our new arivis Vision4D 3.0 is the ideal tool to work with large datasets and get reliable measuring results by means of the unique arivis Analysis Pipeline.  

Top features of arivis Vision4D 3.0:

  1. New easy-to-use and flexible color handling with easy saving and sharing of settings
  2. Membrane based cell segmentation included in standard analysis package
  3. Flexible and custom object grouping for interactive visualization to fit the image analysis the experimental task. Segments as well as tracks can be grouped according to feature ranges or custom selection
  4. User specified measurements allowing custom calculations of features such as mean, sum, ratio, difference, and counts of objects per group
  5. Improved statistics plot for more interactive visualization of 3 different measurements of objects or groups of objects in the 4D Viewer
  6. More efficient manual and semi-automatic object creation in 2D or 3D for creation of objects and proof reading

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