4D Base Package

arivis Vision4D provides smart handling of multi-dimensional data sets of almost any size together with fast and interactive 3D/4D rendering and visualization even on standard desktops and laptops with 3D graphics support. Tools for image import and handling, data pre-processing, fast 2D/3D and 4D visualization, measurement, annotation and presentation are in the 4D Base Package and effective on images up to several TB.

arivis Vision4D: 4D Viewer fly-through mode

Import & Data Handling

  • Easy drag & drop import of multi-dimensional and multi-channel data sets
  • Data sets up to 6 dimensions (x, y, z, time, spectral channels, scopes)
  • Color depth: 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit float
  • Media reader for a variety of biological data formats included
  • Stitching & Alignment with the Tile Sorter
  • Restore Point Manager, Audit Trail
  • Reliable Undo / Redo
  • free arivis SIS Converter for unattended batch conversion into the SIS format
  • arivis SIS Converter PRO: Automatically convert every 3D / 4D image data set into the arivis SIS format 


  • Specialized viewers for 2D or 3D/4D image data
  • Quick navigation: drag & pan, scroll, flip through frame/plane, smooth zoom
  • Fast and interactive 3D/4D rendering
  • Interactive “fly-through” mode that enables exploration inside the image
  • Combination of multiple Clipping Planes at different angles and time points
  • 4D Surfaces: create, export & import 4D objects based on Intensity threshold
  • Gallery Viewer
  • 4D Bookmarks: record, save, restore and share interesting views and scene settings
  • Info Viewer to view and edit data structure and metadata
  • Split & link multiple different viewers (e.g. 4D Viewer + Projection View)
  • Projection Viewer to calculate and export high resolution projections of 3D or 4D image data
  • Powerful color management system for mapping intensity values to color values (RGB)
  • Interactive Color Curve, custom gradient editor & presets
  • Auto Color Range
  • Color Bar (linear or logarithmic) for a review and fast modification of the color mapping of the individual channels​
  • Lighting and Projection settings including projection and stereoscopic rendering
  • Movie player for running time lapse series in 2D or 3D
arivis Vision4D: 4D Viewer fly-through mode
arivis Vision4D: extract geometry objects
arivis Vision4D: combination of multiple clipping planes

Data pre-processing

  • Data Transformation Gallery to interactively apply transformations
  • Transformation and resampling of images or regions of interest including: e.g. cropping, flipping, rotation, change of bit depth as well as dimensions 
  • Drift correction to a user-selected reference track for more accurate quantitative analysis of drifting time lapse data 
  • Bleach correction for better visualization and quantification of dynamic time lapse experiments 

Evaluate & Measure

  • 2D and 3D histograms
  • Filter Gallery: quick preview and apply pixel filter for image enhancements
  • Create annotation (segment, rectangle, polyline, ellipse, marker, …) manually or with the Magic Wand tool
  • Manual functions to split and/or merge segments in the 4D Viewer
  • Simple Dynamics for calculation of minimum, maximum and average values of ROIs
  • Tools for measuring distances and areas of selected objects or selected ROIs
  • Intensity profile for a precise visualization of intensity values of a channel in 2D and 3D

Presentation & Sharing

  • Export image channel data as TIFF or composed RGB image as TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, …
  • Save viewer content as a screenshot or copy selected image regions with flexible zoom
  • Easy design and export of 3D/4D High Resolution Movies to produce complex movie sequences in 3D (or 3D time series) using the StoryBoard at different resolutions and movie-codecs (e.g. AVI, MP4 …)
  • Team collaboration: show large 2D/3D images to your workgroup with the Personal WebView
  • Burn in annotations, time stamp or navigation position (frame/plane/channel) during export
  • Channel split movie export

Automation & Integration

  • Built in Python Scripting
  • Modular system - expandable with plug-ins in every part, free Plug-in SDK!
  • Documented file format (arivis ImageCore), integration software libraries available

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