16th European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting, Debrecen

Debrecen, Hungary

The annual Meeting of ELMI is an internationally recognized meeting on Light Microscopy combining lectures and hands-on industry workshops on cutting edge microscopy techniques and innovative applications in life sciences. In 2016 it will take place in Debrecen, Hungary, from the 24th to the 27th of May.

arivis will participate in this congress with a booth and workshop series, and we are happy to invite to: 

May 24 -27, 2016

Workshop Seminar Lycium Hotel, Glass room (WS1)
arivis booth:  # MB03, Kölcsey Center (WS 2-6)

Workshop series

Workshop 1:
arivis Vision- how to complete your imaging and image processing workflow

Workshop 2, 4, 5:
arivis strategies and application solutions for visualization and exploration of big images

New imaging techniques hold many opportunities but also pose various challenges to those involved. And as optical engineers, biologist or data analysis specialists learn how to make use of, or even extend functions of novel hardware systems, also new scientific methods evolve rapidly.

Workshop 3, 6:
arivis Immersive View – Microscopy goes Virtual Reality

Advances in imaging technology in all fields of microscopy provide more and more highly resolved 3D and 4D image data. Although there are 2D or 3D tools available to visualize and evaluate or work with these data, there is still a distance between the scientist and the data. With arivis Immersive technology you can experience your microscopy data properly. 

Please register for our workshops on the ELMI Website

ELMI 2016

The main topic of the 2016 scientific program features sessions on:

  • Probes
  • Label free imaging
  • Imaging for neurobiology
  • Functional and live cell imaging
  • Superresolution imaging
  • Image analysis and intelligent imaging

In addition to plenary scientific lectures, ELMI 2016 offers a fantastic opportunity for users to enjoy the hands-on workshops in the latest developing instrumentation, and the chance to gain insight into the next generation of technologies. It also provides an excellent opportunity for networking with the industry and other devoted microscopists.

Tuesday, 2016, May 24 to Friday, 2016, May 27