14th Annual Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop, UC Berkeley

AIM 2017 Poster
14th Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop (AIM) 2017, January 25-27, 2017, Berkeley, USA

arivis is sponsoring the Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop (AIM) 2017, hosted by the CRL-Molecular Imaging Center at UC Berkeley.
The event will take place from January 25-27, 2017 at the Berkeley City Club.

Meet us at this event and demo arivis InViewR, our new software for direct 3D visualization of real microscopy data with Oculus Rift virtual reality technology. 
Experience our solution for true, immersive interaction with 3D & 4D image data. Experience a perfect 3D visualization of biological samples to understand the spatial organization on a nanoscale level. The advanced high resolution volume rendering algorithms by arivis and a precise constellation tracking system give you the feeling to immerse into the sample. Test the newest version with exciting new features to discover more details and contexts in your microscopy data sets.

About AIM

This event is one of the largest light microscopy conferences on the US west coast. Started in 2003 to introduce biological researchers to the possibility of fluorescent lifetime imaging, AIM now includes sessions on many cutting-edge techniques and their applications in biology and medicine. Topics this year, in addition to FLIM, will include PLIM, adaptive optics, super resolution, lightsheet imaging, computational imaging, and integrative biological imaging. This workshop brings together internationally-renowned researchers in a wide variety of fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and optics. Past speakers have included 5 Nobel Laureates: Roger Tsien, WE Moerner, Stephen Hell, Eric Betzig, and Steven Chu.

This year’s workshop is made possible by the support of Becker-Hickl GmbH, Boston Electronics Corporation, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, arivis AG and other corporate sponsors.


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Wednesday, 2017, January 25 to Friday, 2017, January 27