2013 - Prize of the University of Ulm

The Dies academicus 2013 ceremony has taken place at the University of Ulm on February, 1st 2013. During the course of these festivities, the 2012 Teaching Prize of the University of Ulm has been awarded to Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Michael Britsch and PD Dr. med. Corina Schmidt of the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Anatomy for their innovative teaching concept MyMiCROscope. The laudatory speech has been given by the Vice President for Teaching and International Affairs, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Stadtmüller.

arivis acted as a cooperation partner in the development and technical implementation of the MyMiCROscope e-learning platform.

MyMiCROscope is the e-learning platform for histology and microscopic anatomy developed by the cooperation partners Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Net-Base Freiburg and arivis, under the scientific management of Prof. Britsch and the team at the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Anatomy of the University of Ulm. MyMiCROscope makes web-based learning of microscopic/anatomical content possible with the aid of high-resolution, virtually microscopable and fully annotated histological products of the highest quality. All products and teaching materials for the course in Microscopic Anatomy at the University of Ulm are available as high-resolution digital scans that can be freely navigated and virtually microscoped with any magnification with the arivis WebView.