Clireo eMPM




Features Overview

Advertising and promoting regulated products requires creative marketing with the additional complexity of requiring compliance with regional and global regulations. Creative teams need to use approved content and claims substantiated by evidence. In most cases these materials, whether they are physical materials, print, video or web, need to be submitted to the FDA for advice and / or approval prior to distribution.

 How it works

Clireo eMPM provides an integrated full featured solution that supports the routing, review, approval, related claims and reference materials, as well as, complete eCTD regulatory submission of promotional materials. Clireo is the only end-to-end solution which integrates digital asset management in the cloud with included review and approval technology capped off with electronic submission capabilities. All in a globally accessible, single sign-on solution.

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Clireo eMPM supports the entire continuum of Promotional Materials from the association of claims and reference documents, to Medical, Legal and Regulatory (MLR) review, FDA submission in eCTD, to piece distribution, and expiry and withdrawal.

Clireo eMPM provides a full complement of reports to give your organization insight into the overall promotional materials landscape. Users can easily search across products, through document files, and using metadata to quickly locate information. Users are automatically alerted to changes that impact compliance.

Clireo eMPM supports a full CMIS compliant API to provide integration to existing pharmaceutical commercial software solutions.

Clireo eMPM is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use end-to-end promotional materials management solution on the market.