arivis Clireo v4.0 released to market

Widely used integrated platform of clinical and regulatory solutions now includes enhancements such as PleaseReview.

Phoenix, AZ (DATE) – arivis’ Clireo, the industry’s leading integrated platform of clinical and regulatory solutions, has just released version Q3 2016 to the marketplace. This release includes features requested by Clireo’s active customer user group who worked closely with the internal regulatory experts to enhance the product to exceed expectations.
The Q3 release delivers features designed to enhance the user experience with a reduction in tasks. “arivis is an organization that reinvests in our applications and truly listens to our user community,” says arivis Managing Director Dirk Beth. “Our clients are under constant pressure to manage the drug and device approval process quicker and for less cost. Clireo v4.0 provides those solutions with uninterrupted workflow processes.”
In addition, this release features include integration with PleaseReview from PleaseTech with the Clireo eDMS, eMPM, other modules. PleaseReview provides the ability for teams of reviewers to collaborate on documents by adding comments or making changes from a single web-based interface; and returns as a single document with all changes and comments collated.
PleaseReview is    designed to work with the Microsoft Office Suite (Word,    Excel, and Power Point), along with PDF files to provide review management and control, change consolidation, comment reconciliation, comment threads and audit trails. PleaseReview is available to users through the Clireo user interface and enables simultaneous and parallel review by multiple participants, regardless of location; offering flexibility for companies with offices worldwide.        
The Q3 release also contains a new streamlined workflow notification feature. This enhancement allows users to determine the best method to receive a workflow notification (email, dashboard, or both) ensuring workflow will not be interrupted by a lack of user notification.
“Our customer base is consistently growing to include sophisticated operations that have team members in multiple locations, with varying preferences for workflow and communication style, as well as heightened responsibilities to manage complex movement of documents through the clinical and regulatory process” continues Beth. “The PleaseReview integration, new streamlined workflow notifications, and even simple additions of a user friendly and intuitive ribbon to move between Clireo’s integrated applications – eQMS, eDMS, eTMF, eCTD, and eMPM answer the needs of these project managers.”

About arivis

arivis is a specialized biomedical big image data and compliance software company in the life science industry. Its revolutionary, award winning software enables users to visualize, analyze, distribute and to manage multi-terabyte multi-dimensional (3D+) image datasets. Moreover, arivis solutions help customers to meet the global regulatory, quality and compliance requirements in research, clinical trials, approval, and maintenance of medical devices and medicinal products. arivis products are used by small and medium sized biotech companies as well as by the world’s leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies and by international renowned research associations, organizations and universities. Headquartered in Munich, arivis is an international, dynamically growing company with a US headquartered subsidiary in Phoenix, (AZ), and in Washington, D.C.

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