Advanced Dynamics

The Advanced Dynamics Package includes both the moduls to analyse Ratio and FRET. 

Ratio Analysis

arivis Vision4D Dynamics
The Ratio Analysis Module allows a ratiometric analysis of two fluorescence channels or regions of interest (ROIs) in multi-channel experiments over time. The ratio calculation of two image channels or ROIs can be adjusted using a background region to automatically adjust foreground intensity values and/or using threshold values to reduce the effect of noise in the input images.


  • Simultaneous evaluation of several channels
  • Algorithm for a background correction
  • Threshold (optional) for noise reduction
  • Calculation and storage of ratio images as gray scale image(s)
  • Measurement and visualization of intensity values over time in virtually unlimited user definable ROIs
  • Evaluation of changes of medium intensities in ROIs over time in one channel
  • Minimum and maximum values of ROIs over time
  • Export of data to Excel file formats or as charts to clipboard

FRET measurements

arivis Vision4D: Fret measurements
The fluorescence resonance energy transfer, also known as Förster resonance energy transfer, describes a distant-dependent, radiationless energy transfer between two chromophores. The FRET analysis method is applied to describe relations between and within biomolecules, so that you can attain quantitative, temporal, and spatial information about their relation and interaction.


  • Calculation and exploration of FRET values from three-channel FRET experiments.
  • Selection of channels from drop-down list
  • Calculation of FRET images per pixel
  • Youvan, Gordon and Xia- Algorithmus for FRET and normalized FRET calculation
  • XY Offset Alignment for alternation of the original x and y offset values
  • Bleed-Through allowing separate entering of bleed-through values for donor and acceptor
  • Charting
  • Export of calculated values to *xls or as charts to clipboard

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