arivis at Light Sheet Microscopy Conference 2019

Date: 4-6 December 2019
Venue: Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Campus Riedberg, Biozentrum N100

arivis at LSFM2019

Discuss with top experts how Light Sheet Microscopy meets the future challenges in Biology

Light sheet microscopy allows observing the development of live three-dimensional organoids and organisms over a long time up to several days. This massive amount of multi-dimensional microscopy data poses significant challenges in both data management and modelling. Tackling these challenges is fundamental to advance scientific discovery in biological and biomedical research.


Explore arivis Strategies and solutions for 4D large image data handling & flexible analysis at LSFM 2109

Visualization & Analysis

With our state-of-the-art Direct Volume Rendering techniques and the efficient use of system resources based on our Image Core, arivis Vision4D provides a great user experience when handling very large image data even on regular consumer hardware. The easy to use and interactive user interface together with the fast and flexible rendering engine makes it easy to reveal interesting and fine structures, even in large or complex data sets. Viewing samples with synchronised clipping planes, projections and 4D rendering can help to understand structure and function much better and faster.

For quantification of 3D image data the arivis Analysis Pipeline offers a robust and flexible click-and-play solution for processing and quantification of any kind of 2D, 3D or 4D microscopy images. Our pipeline concept enables the novice user to quickly run a pre-existing or newly built analysis application, while the image analysis expert is still empowered to create complex analysis routines and share it with their colleague. The analysis strategy and iterative approach of arivis Vision4D allows image processing and segmentation of a small field of view, a 3D/4D subset or the complete data set.


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Virtual reality assisted Tracking

Proofreading tracking data and manually adjusting the results is very cumbersome on a 2D screen. Especially, when lots of objects are involved or tracks are very complicated. Using Virtual Reality, you can immerse yourself into the data and gain a detailed view onto your sample, that a 2D application cannot match. Entering the dataset and looking at objects and structures as they are surrounding you makes it easier to concentrate on a particular object of interest. With time control on your fingertips, you can always keep your eyes on the object as it moves through the specimen and follow it in space. We developed tools that allow you to add new or edit and delete existing tracks right where you see them - in the image. This makes proofreading tracks faster, easier and more precise than on a desktop.


arivis InViewR is a software that displays real image data in Virtual Reality by utilizing patent pending direct volume rendering techniques with no need to convert data or make surface models.


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Mittwoch, 2019, Dezember 4 bis Freitag, 2019, Dezember 6