arivis InViewR 3.1.3

 InViewR 3.1.3

arivis InViewR 3.1.3 updates to our most recent licensing tool which supports softkey licensing. This tool makes installment and management of license keys easier. Hardkey dongle licenses are still supported and can be issued to customers on request.
This update also includes some bugfixes that dealt with some handling issues, which caused problems when using the movie player or the opacity curve.


Top Features

  • New licensing tool
  • Critical bug fixes


What's new

  • New licensing using an integrated Softkey tool
    • License activation and management integrated into the arivis InViewR Help menu
    • Easy self check for purchased license updates
    • Hardware Dongles are still available and functional on request.
  • Improved support of other file formats (see CHANGELOG of Vision4D 3.1.2)



  • Fixed behavior of movie player when switching between 2D and 3D viewer
  • Fixed issues of opacity curve panel