arivis InViewR 3.1.1

InViewR 3.1.1

3.1.1 is a minor update to arivis InViewR that provides our users with improved rendering performance, as well as some enhancements to our tracking functionality. Working with object data in VR has also been addressed, and you can now select and delete objects on data tables. Filtering objects and working with object tags is now also supported in VR. Finally, minor changes to the UI now enable you to skip through time frames with your tool hand joystick regardless of the tool you are currently working with.

New features and improvements 


  • Performance improvements (rendering and CPU usage)
  • The System Check Utility is now available under “Help,” and the Oculus system version is now reported
  • The volume bounding box can be switched on and off
  • Neutral VR controller skin
  • You can now skip through time points with the tool hand thumbstick with all tools (except sculpting)


  • Improved CreateTracks tool (auto-advance forward or backward, better lineage support, bug fixes)

Data Management

  • VR data tables now support now “(De)select all” and “Delete selection / delete all”
  • Object filter support in VR (filter page, linked filter icons)
  • Better tag support in VR tools