arivis on of the Top 25 Governance, Risk and Compliance Technology Providers 2017


arivis AG - Empowering the Life Sciences Industry

With its rigorously tested and easily implementable services and products, arivis AG’s mission is to be a solution provider that expedites the process.
Throughout its journey in this space, the company has been innovating with its solutions abiding by the input from its clients. The coming years will be no different. Going forward, the company intends to develop  cutting-edge solutions for its clients across life sciences with a specific focus in the e-clinical and regulatory compliance space.

Transparency and compliance with the law are factors of further development,” rightly said Christian Wolff, a German philosopher. Every sector is driven by a set of regulations, which if remain unfollowed can create a great risk to the business. More specifically in areas like life sciences, regulatory compliance remains crucial due to factors such as information protection requirements and transparency expectations. Thus, companies in this industry grapple with unprecedented challenges amid increasing regulatory scrutiny. To achieve the required amount of compliance, these companies rely on technologies that can help them streamline their processes in a way that they abide by all the regulatory standards. Leveraging the power of technology, arivis AG - a compliance service provider enables enterprises in life sciences industry to adhere to unique regulatory requirements with minimal resources.

By navigating the complex regulatory environment from a global perceptive, the company has developed a full spectrum of cost-effective yet innovative products and services that emphasize more on quality. With its rigorously tested and easily implementable services and products, arivis AG’s mission is to be a solution provider that expedites  the process.

As a biomedical big image data and compliance software provider for the life sciences industry, the company has designed its innovative imaging technology, which arms researchers with the ability to understand, assess, modify, and test new theories.  It also allows for the analysis of data using immersive technology (4D imaging), which is pivotal to research centers across the world. With its customer-centric compliance software that is intuitive, stable, and easy to implement, the company today serves customers in over 25 countries. “When it comes to managing a clinical trial with thousands of participants across the globe, reliability, and ease of use are critical to the workflow process,” says Dirk Beth, MD, arivis AG.
Unlike the other companies that provision a service or a product that fits across various verticals, arivis AG solely focuses on providing top-notch services and products to its clients in the life sciences sector. Besides, the company fosters collaboration with its customers and develop the right features that are unique to its customers' community.
In one instance, a client of arivis AG was facing a challenge to migrate thousands of documents from three clinical trials onto arivis AG’s platform. Backed by an expert team of engineers and subject matter experts, the company helped its client to migrate seamlessly by receiving the documents and placing them into the workflow stream immediately. Also, all users of the system were able to carry on their tasks without any impediments.

To stay abreast of the trends the company utilizes feedback given by its customers, industry trends, and the regulatory dynamics to create innovative products for life science customers to make the workflow process efficient and more productive.

In another instance, one of its CRO clients approached arivis AG as they were not able to manage clinical trial documents and access the documents in a timely fashion. Simultaneously, documents were checked out by multiple users, and all artifacts were not being utilized. Aforementioned led to a situation of uncertainty where the client could not proceed any further as the audit trial was not reliable and caused a delay in the event of the audit. By proffering an out-of-the-box compliant solution which included index mapping and user training, the company helped the client to manage communications between all parties and substantially reduced audit risk.

CIO Applications

The facets of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, in particular, definitely shouldn’t be overlooked to ensure seamless functioning of an organization. Mitigation of risks associated with enterprise assets and data, as well as adherence to compliance standards such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, often become a challenge of gargantuan proportions for organizations to confront. The recent times have seen a rise in the need of partner organizations, among enterprises, that can address complex GRC concerns through cutting-edge solutions. Cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation and use, reliability, and robustness are key factors considered by organizations for the selection of an ideal GRC Technology solution provider. In addition, choosing a sustainable operational model is quite important for an organization looking forward to GRC assistance from foreign vendors.  

In the wake of the growing need of GRC technology solutions across enterprises globally, we’ve compiled a list of “Top 25 Governance, Risk, and Compliance Technology Providers 2017.” The compilation is a result of extensive research of GRC technology providers worldwide, conducted by our editorial team. Automation of GRC procedures to enhance the business value and overall holistic development of an organisation is a common motive of these leading solution providers today. Alignment of compliance and risk management initiatives to facilitate better decision making across organizational hierarchies is an additional advantage of opting their assistance. This list will offer you a better insight about the contributions these leading GRC technology solution providers can make to businesses.