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Image Annotation Workflow

Research Process

Superpowers of Meta Data

With the development of diagnostic imaging devices, large amounts of digital high-res and 3D images are generated every day. The requirements of effective indexing and searching image are growing rapidly. Image annotation is an effective way for content-based image retrieval.

  • Different categories for image annotation.
  • Different methods for image annotation under Semi-Automatic and Automatic annotations.

Manual annotation is a costly and time-consuming work, especially for mobile device.

Image annotation workflow

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Scientific Applications and Assays

Collected image analysis applications and assays for research microscopy.
Discover the power of the the arivis Image Analysis Platform with real-world applications!

Industries Served by the arivis Image Analysis Platfrom


3D cell and tissue culture technologies are used more frequently to work with a living organism. 3D cell cultures are replacing the use of expensive animal models. To view and analyse these complex structures arivis developed software tools to help scientists to act faster and get more accurate results.


To discover, develop and produce drugs is a time-critical yet complex process, on which  lies the success of a whole industry sector. arivis image analysis platfrom is helping to shorten the evaluation of a new drug by delivering professional, scalable software to analyse and view complex datasets.


Contract Research Organisations (CRO) provide the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries their outsourced services. CROs often need to collaborate and share data with their industrly partner. arivis helps researchers to enhance efficiencies in thier collaboration and research. 


Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) need professional and scalable imaging analysis to provide results in the quality level required for the pharmaceutical industry today. arivis developed compliant image analysis software tools to fulfil this high demand for industry standards of quality control and assurance.